Application and registration:

  1. In order to take part in the Track Day the Participant must first fill in the application form on the until June 2, 2018.
  2. Before going on the track, the Participant must register with the organisers at the registration desk.
  3. The payment for the participation in the Track day has to be made at the registration desk.
  4. At the registration desk, the Participants will be asked to present a valid driver’s licence and sports car’s licence, as well as the registration documents of the vehicle. The Participant has to present a personal health insurance and car insurance.


Before going on the track:

  1. The Participant must arrive earlier in order to have enough time to do the registration for the training.
  2. Every Participant must take part in the training participants’ meeting before going to the racetrack.
  3. The participant has to make sure that all the documents related to the car and driving are valid.
  4. The participants representing the ‘Street Sport’ group must show the car to one of the technical referees before the registering for the event. The rights to register will be granted only after the technical referee has issued a permission to take part in the training.


Rules regarding the vehicle the Participant will use in the training:


  • If the Participant drives with a street car, the Participant has to demonstrate a valid technical inspection document containing the information about the vehicle’s health check. It is crucial that there are no warnings about issues concerning the brakes, suspension, steering wheel, as well as wheel protectors. The wheel protectors must be not less than 4mm deep. The Participant must also hold a valid OCTA document.
  • All the materials and things in the salon and in the baggage compartment must be fixed in a secure manner.
  • All vehicles must have all the car panels. In general, all vehicles have to be in a good technical and visual condition and shape.
  • All vehicles must be equipped with functional safety belts and proper fire extinguisher that is easily accessible.


Rules on the race track:


  • While on the track, the vehicle’s windows, including sunroof, must be closed at any times. In case of a dispute, the marshal will consult the head marshal.
  • The Participant, who is driving the car, must use the seatbelt and a helmet. The Participant’s clothing has to be all‐body‐covered with long leg and arm sleeves.
  • While the vehicle is on the track, only the driver is allowed to be in a car. Exceptions are cars that are equipped with roll cage.
  • The purpose of the Track Day is to improve your driving skills, therefore all Participants are asked to take into consideration everyone taking part in the training in order to fully enjoy the training. It is expected that the drivers follow the organisers’ instructions while on the track. In particular, the flag commands are crucial to obey. Overall, it is asked to respect other drivers and keep safe distances. This day is not about racing, it is a training day the organisers’ hope everyone will enjoy.
  • Overtaking is allowed only in safe places on the track. It is crucial that before overtaking the Participant has to make sure that the driver ahead can see the driver behind. It is not allowed to overtake in the middle of the turns on the track. It is allowed to overtake before the turns on the track.
  • The Participants must be careful and take into mind the Participants that driver faster. In case the Participant sees a car driving behind, it means that it is faster. Therefore, the Participant has to decide where it would be safer to let it pass by.
  • The film cameras have to be securely fixed.


Additional information:

  • The Participants who ignore the organisers and instructors’ commands will be disqualified and will not be allowed to take part in training day.
  • Before and during the training the vehicles may undergo the technical inspection at any time.
  • The regular vehicle insurance (OCTA) does not work on the track area.


The spectators


  • The spectators are welcome to observe the training. However, it is forbidden to disturb the organisation of the event, to go on the track and to sit on the boards marking the borders of the track.
  • Hereby, I agree that:
  • I have read all the aforementioned rules. I agree to obey and respect them. I confirm that I am of sound mind and both physically and mentally prepared for taking part in the training. I confirm that I have all the necessary competencies to take part in the training event. I acknowledge that I understand the idea, the type and the purpose of the training event. Besides, I confirm that I understand all the risks such a training event can contain and that are related to motor sports.
  • I am aware, that any health issues I may have can negatively affect the control over the vehicle during the event. In case I am aware of health issues that can negatively affect others, and myself, I cannot take part in the event unless the Federation (Latvijas automobīļu federācija) has issued a declaration stating that I can take part in such events.
  • I understand that motor sports is dangerous and there can be fatal accidents, as well as accidents that may result in disability and property damage. I understand that the accidents may cause bodily injuries and other losses. I am aware of the risks and I fully accept them. In case of an accident that results in hospitalization, I agree that in case of emergency the hospital can inform the organisers of the training day about the health status of the Participant who has
  • been hospitalized.
  • I agree to protect and do no harm to everyone
  • involved in the event. I agree to be accountable in case I have done any harm to anyone involved in the training event.
  • I understand and confirm that I will abide the ethical principles stated by the Federation (Latvijas automobīļu federācija ‐ LAF), as well as respect the organisers’ work, and behave according to public norms. I will not publish and copy any documents and audio and visual materials that belong to the third parties and that would serve as a material for police investigation.
  • I understand and do not mind that the training event will be filmed and photographed.
  • I accept and agree that none of the involved parties, such as FIA, LAF, owners of the track, organisers of the event, supporters, officials or other representatives, or any combination of the afore‐mentioned parties will be responsible for any losses or damages that my occur during the training event. This also applies in cases of fatal accidents and bodily injuries.
  • I agree that the organisers can keep my personal data for twelve months since the date of the training event.


Flags that will be in use during the Track Day:


  • Green flag ‐ good to go, the track is free.
  • Black and white, chess board type flag ‐ the Finish flag, the race has ended, follow your way to the paddock area.
  • Red flag ‐ race has been stopped, the driver must be prepared to brake, change trajectory and slowly head to the paddock area.
  • Yellow flag ‐ dangerous situation on the track, slow down, be prepared to brake, overtaking is not allowed in the yellow flag zone, the zone is closed by showing the green flag.
  • White flag ‐ in front of you there is a significantly slower car.
  • Blue flag ‐ shows you that the driver, who is faster, is going to overtake, you must let it do. The blue flag also informs the driver, who is leaving PIT’s, that at the moment there are drivers to whom he or she must give way.
  • Black flag with orange dot ‐ informs the driver about the technical defects of a car that can affect other drivers, during the next lap the driver must return to the paddock area and fix the issues with the car.
  • Black and white flag with a diagonal in between ‐ the warning flag that indicates that the driver is not following the rules and thus is warned about a behaviour that is unsportsmanlike. If such behaviour continues, the driver is shown the black flag.
  • Black flag ‐ informs that the driver is disqualified from taking part in the training. During the lap the driver must return to the paddock area.
  • Yellow flag with red vertical stripes ‐ informs that in this zone there are some issues with the track grip (spilled oil, other liquids, dirty or slippery track).







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